Dynamic Energy Simulation

Office Buildings in North Italy

Cover image courtesy of Roberto Armani

Owner/Developer: Joint Research Centre

Client: Joint Research Centre

Place: Ispra (Italy)

Typology: Energy Consulting

Services: Dynamic Energy Simulation

Period: 2021

Energy simulations of two office buildings (a new building and a renovated building) in North of Italy.

The energy model was implemented taking into account both envelope and systems (heating, cooling, domestic hot water, air treatment, lighting, plug-loads) really installed.

The main topics of the study has been:

  • Analysis of the energy performance of the buildings due to pandemic effects for different occupancy scenarios.
  • Analysis of the energy weight of the several process and regulations of the air treatment (constant volume, variable volume, IAQ control, etc…).
  • Analysis of the potentiality of additional passive strategies in order to reduce the cooling load.
  • Study of the flexibility energy index with respect to the availability of the renewable energy produced on site and/or in the grid.