CFD Analysis

Nuovo Padiglione Ortofrutta

Cover image courtesy of SO.GE.MI.

Owner/Developer: SO.GE.MI. - Mercato Agroalimentare Milano

Client: Cremonesi Workshop S.r.l. - Oneworks:

Place: Milan (Italy)

Typology: Energy Consulting

Services: Energy Consultant, CFD Analysis, Dynamic Energy Simulation, Comfort, Cost reduction, HVAC Optimization

Period: 2021

Competition won!

Specialized Energy Consultancy Activities, in support of the tender phase, relating to the construction of the New Fruit and Vegetable Pavilion in Milan. In particular, the objective was to identify improvement solutions to be promoted at the contracting authority for the energy enhancement of new buildings. These solutions required the development of dynamic models related to the thermalĀ comfort of the occupants, studying the internal microclimate, using EnergyPlus Airflow Network and elaborating a real fluid dynamic analysis with OpenFoam to demonstrate the planned improvements. The obtained result was a general reduction in construction costs and the improvement of internal comfort achieved through passive strategies.