Edificio Torre 3

Cover image courtesy of United Consulting

Owner/Developer: ADR – Aeroporti di Roma Spa

Client: United Consulting

Place: Rome (Italy)

Typology: Consulting

Services: Energy Modeling for LEED, Comfort studies, HVAC Design Support, IAQ Demonstration

Period: 2019

The main topics of the study have been:


  • Activities of dynamic energy simulation to support the plant choices in the final design phase, specifically statistical analysis of the loads of each zone and optimization of generative systems and control logic;
  • Whole-building energy modeling activities for LEED certification in the executive design phase for the EA credit – Optimize Energy Performance;
  • Prediction of thermal comfort conditions according to the indices applied by UNI EN ISO 7730 or EN 15251, including the evaluation of expected CO2 levels during the operation of the building to obtain LEED credits IAQ Performance Demonstration and Thermal Comfort;
  • Definition of hourly load-match of the photovoltaic system production compared to the estimated demand for imported electricity for the building and its end uses in order to obtain LEED credits Renewable Energy.